Hello NACLO test takers!

The test is coming soon!

Here are the big things to remember:

  • The test will be held in the Siebel Center, Room 3403 (Third Floor), on Thursday 1/24. The address is 201 N Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL 61801. If you need help finding parking, please email
  • The test starts at 9:00 AM.  Please arrive by 8:50 AM. . The test will go until Noon.
  • If you are a Uni student: You must turn in the permission form to Dr. Radnitzer and make sure to let your teachers know
  • You can register at:
  • Here is the full student handbook with lots of rules and regulations:

Rules during the test

  • You may not talk at all during the examination.
  • You must have your phone turned off and in a closed backpack for the entirety of the examination
  • You must stay in the testing room for the entirety of the examination. You may not leave early even if you finish early.
  • You can leave for brief bathroom breaks, but no more than one person can be out of the testing room at any time.  You must leave all items in the testing room while you go to the bathroom.

What you can bring:

  • Pencils (for scratch work) and Pens (for official answers).  You must bring a black pen to write your answers
  • A drink and/or “quiet” snack (nothing crunchy!)

What you can’t use during the test

  • Paper (all paper will be provided)
  • Any electronic device other than a basic electronic wristwatch (so have your phone, tablet, or smart watch must be left outside the testing room or stowed in your backpack)